10 Things To Get Rid Off To Live A simple Life.


10 Things To Get Rid Off To Live A simple Life.

Life is already full of hurdles and this make us develop certain habits either consciously or unconsciously. To simplify life does not mean adding anything or removing what can make our lives better.Anything that is unnecessary should be done away with to ease life.

Doing this, leave us with only the essential and meaningful things that aid us to live a simpler life.This life can proof to be manageable and peaceful.This state enables us to become ready to add and develop which can make our lives more simpler.
There are quite a number of things that we need to get rid off in order to enjoy simple life, they include;

1. Bad Morning Habits.

How you start your day is important in setting your feet to the right direction to simplify life and be more productive.

Some of us think that we don’t have time to adhere to a scheduled morning routine boy when we wake up early we waste our time on social media.This time can be used in meditation, prayer..we need to be committed on this.

To simplify life, you require determination or effort on your part to stop this toxic morning habit like spending a lot of time on phone and instead devote the first hour of waking up to better nurturing yourself, growing yourself, and giving yourself a true self-care me-time.

Trust me, it feels so great when you start your day this way. Do it for a day or two with time it becomes a habit and you will feel great I promise.The art of simple living.

2. Unmindful consumption.

Are you aware of the things you consume every day?
This include both what you consume physically like food and also what you feed your mind from literature,social media I.e Facebook,YouTube etc
What kind of books do you read?What kind of people do you follow on social media? What kind of youtube videos are suggested in your feed?

Take notice of them and be mindful of what kind of information you allow to enter your mind through them.

Be mindful of all things you consume every day, especially what you consume (for your body and your mind) in the morning.

You have a great hand in choosing who you are allowing to surround yourself with in the digital world.

3. Online shopping apps.

Are you aware of consumer consultants who try to sell you stuff you don’t need?
They send constant notification about sales this happens frequently the while year just meant to entice us.

I would often spend hours and hours looking for clothes, not because I needed them, but just as a way to pass time because I thought I had nothing better to do.

Later I realized I didn’t really need to do this, so I uninstalled them and I don’t miss them at all.

Take notice of people who are constantly making you want to buy things after looking at their social media platforms , just be mindful of them.

Do you really need them or are they just trigger? If you can’t control yourself, simply decide to unfollow them.

4.A long to do list

Another thing you need to get rid of in order to simplify life is the mistaken belief that you can do it all .Simplify your to do list by noting down what you need to do in a note book and break the tasks into just 2-3 tasks you need to do but nevermore than that.

If you have more than 3 then I recommend following the 1-3-5 rule where you list down 1 main task for the day, 3 medium tasks, and 5 small tasks and do them one by one slowly without any rush.

5.Having too many goals.

This may make you not achieve anything at all. just like having too many goals is as bad as having no goals at all.

If you want to simplify your life, definitely have goals, but make sure have no more than 1 or two goals. Our goals should be easily memorizable.

You should be able to instantly remember and visualize your goals coming true. Too often we let ourselves burn out from having too many things to work on.

So cut down on your goals and work on them one by one. If you setting goals, make sure to avoid these 5 goal-setting mistakes.

6. Saying yes to everything.

Get rid of the habit of saying yes to everything, you don’t have to say yes to everyone and everything. Take care of your energy and hold your boundaries this means self care.

prioritize your time and your energy however stress and guilt take too much of our energy. Start taking your time as a valuable asset that you have total control over.

You won’t be missing out on anything and the people who really know you will understand.

It took me a long time but learning how to say no is essential to be strong, to stand up for oneself, to be true to your own self. I’ve even written about what I gained and lost by learning to say no.

7. Impulse buying.

Do you sometimes go for shopping without actually knowing you want?and end up buying things we actually didn’t need?

Sometimes we look into the apps when the notification comes up reminding us of a sale, and we end up buying for fear of missing out.

A quick way to resolve this issue is to again ask yourself, ‘Did I need this yesterday?’.

If your answer is no then you probably don’t need it today.

Another way which I too have been wanting to implement is to write down specifically what you want to buy in a month and wait for 10-15 days to see if you still really want to buy it.

8. Multitasking.

Multitasking is perhaps the biggest myth we believe in.

In today’s age multitasking has been ingrained in our actions. We don’t have full attention to anything and hence we lack mindfulness and love while we do things.

Constantly moving back and forth from one task to another, one thing to another, we cause unnecessary stress to our minds we don’t even realize, because it has kind of become our natural mode of how we behave and how we feel.

But just for once, try deliberately doing one thing at a time. If you’re working on something, just work on that. No emails. No Facebook. No WhatsApp. If you’re reading something, just read.

This is another key essence for slow living and simplifying life more than you think it is.

9. Negative Self-Talk.

Be mindful of your self-talk.

How do you view yourselves in your own eyes? What kind of language do you speak to yourself? How kind are you to yourself and your mind?

Often our lives are messy and complicated for no reason other than that we have extremely negative self-talk without us even realizing it. We often keep on complaining and put ourselves in such a low position in our own eyes.

Get rid of your negative self-talk if you want to simplify your life.

Raise your standards, raise your worth in your own eyes, and in how you speak to your own self and see how it magically transforms your life and leads to greater simplicity.

The key first is to bring awareness to your everyday self-talk, and then being kind to yourself when you find yourself talking negatively.

Don’t take your mind too personally. Change your language slowly, be kind and be friends with yourself.

10.Gossip and complains.

Gossip and complaints add up the mental clutter most.

As you are aware of your negative self-talk also be aware of how you talk when with others.

Get rid of complaints. Get rid of gossip and all the channels that bring gossip into your life.

For me, I found myself coming across gossip in some of my Whatsapp groups.

As I slowly started to notice how it affected my mind, I decided to leave the group not because I was judging the ones who were in the group, but I just couldn’t find myself enjoy it anymore.

We don’t need this extra information about what others are doing or what others are not doing.

As I already told you, be mindful about what information and what things you allow to enter your head.

We don’t realize, but they actually stay with us for a long time and they keep playing in our heads without us even realizing it.


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