11 Helpful Tips To Stay Hydrated.


Tips To Ensure That Your Body Is Well Hydrated.

Did you know that your body is about 70% water, and drinking enough of it is vital for optimal health? Now you should know.
For every cell in the body to function properly, water is important. Our digestive system functions better with adequate hydration, this prevents constipation. Water also helps in flushing out toxins from the body, promotes good kidney function, supports a healthier look and younger-looking skin, and helps regulate body temperature, it also keeps your joints and muscles lubricated, maintains electrolyte balance and blood pressure, regulates body temperature, and promotes cell health.
Well everyone should know that it’s important to stay hydrated, however doing so can be at times hard for most people. Health Benefits of Water Therapy.

Here are reasonable ways to ensure that you drink more water;

Understand your fluid wants

Do know how much water your system needs? therefore for you to choose to drink more water, you have to understand your body’s fluid wants.

It is recommended that daily water intake should be 64 ounces or 8 cups, but this is not based on scientific findings.

The greatest number of people, simply drink water only when thirsty. However, you may need more fluid if you exercise regularly, work outdoor, or live in a hot environment.

Set a daily goal

Setting a daily water intake goal can help you drink more water.

Merely the act of setting a purpose to drink water, can be motivating and make you more likely to make positive changes at last.

To be effective, water intake goals should be SMART, getting lost? Well, I’ll break this for you.






For instance, one SMART water-consumption goal might be to drink 32 ounces (960 ml) of water per day or by 1:00 pm.

  Therefore Setting a smart goal can also help to record your progress, which can keep you encouraged to work towards achieving your objective — and make it a tradition.

 Keep a reusable water bottle with you.

These are readily available either bought or renewed bottles are used. Keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day can help you drink more water.

When you have a reusable water bottle, you can easily drink water in any setting, whether you’re running errands, travelling, or at home, work, or school.

Retaining a water bottle handy can also serve as a visual reminder to drink more water. If you see the bottle on your desk or table, you will constantly be reminded to drink more. How To Rehydrate

Set signals.

You can also set reminders to drink more water using an app or the alarm on your smartphone or smartwatch there are many apps for the same.

For example, try setting a reminder to take a few sips of water every 30 minutes, or set a reminder to finish drinking your current glass of water and refill it every hour. This is workable and personally have tried this.

These reminders can help you increase your water intake, especially if you struggle with being forgetful or too busy to drink.

Replace Sugary Snacks with Water.

Replacing these sugary drinks e.g sodas, juices, with water is an easy and cheap way to cut calories, potentially helping you lose weight. This is the process that keeps you hydrated.

Drink one glass of water before each meal.

In case you are making dinner at home, drink a glass of water while you cook. If you’re out at a restaurant, ask for water when the server comes around to take drink orders. If you’re waiting for your lunch to be ready drink water while doing it. If you’re preparing a snack, drink that water. It’s just a reasonable regulation that will help you drink more water. Formerly you establish these small “rules,” you’ll discover that you’re doing it almost automatically without having to think about it or put much action into it at all. Drinking a glass of water may help you eat fewer calories at the following meal.

Get a water filter.

For safety purposes about the quality of water you take, consider purchasing a water filter.

There are filters for almost every budget, from costly whole-home water filtration systems to cheap water-filtering pitchers.

In addition, screening your water could improve the taste.
The issue is the use of water filters, such as water-filtering pitchers or filters that attach directly to a fixture, can lessen degrees of waterborne bacteria, lead, and arsenic in contaminated tap water to safe levels.

Utilizing a water filter is also less costly and more eco-friendly than acquiring bottled water, which is often no different than tap water.

Spice your water.

Some people dislike the flavour of water they won’t take plain water, just need a bit of flavour to help you drink more, you have many choices.

Using a cheap fruit-infuser water bottle is one healthy choice.

 The famous fruit combinations to use in an infuser bottle are cucumber-lime, lemon, and strawberry-kiwi. Although, you can use any mixture of fruits that suit your flavour.

You can also acquire water enhancers in powder or fluid form to add to your water, but be aware that many of these commodities contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, or other additives that may harm your health.

Drink one tumbler of water per hour at work.

In case you work a regular 8-hour workday, liquoring up a glass of water each hour you’re at work adds up to 8 cups (1,920 ml) to your daily water infusion.

You should load your cup as soon as you get to work, and at the top of every hour, simply drink the remaining water and refill.

This method will keep your water intake consistent throughout your workday.

Sip throughout the day.

Sipping on water unfailingly throughout the day is another easy way to help you meet your fluid objectives.
Keep a glass of water or a reusable bottle nearby and within your line of the scene for a continual visual reminder to take a sip.

Eat more foods high in water.

One simple way to get more water is to eat more foods that are high in water.

Fruits and vegetables that are particularly high in water include

Lettuce: 96% water

Celery: 95% water

Zucchini: 95% water

Cabbage: 92% water

Watermelon: 91% water

Cantaloupe: 90% water

Honeydew melon: 90% water

In addition to their high fluid content, these fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote your overall health.

Drink one glass of water when you wake up and before bed.

This is an easy way to boost your water intake by simply drinking one glass of water when you wake up and another before you go to bed.

A glass of cold water in the morning may help wake you up and boost your health. For those who don’t like cold water warm water can also do.

Parting Shot.

The quantity of water needed each day varies from one person to another, depending on how active they are, how much they sweat, the amount of work you do, your health, and so on.
There is no static amount of water that must be consumed daily, but there is general agreement on what a healthy fluid intake is. Water is necessary considering its benefits.

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