The effects of addictions are very dangerous, it doesn’t matter on the type whether legal or illegal , harmful or harmless ,chemical or none chemical .All forms of addictions deprive those involved of personal freedom as well they involve serious risks which include:


Addictive behaviours promote repetitive desire.However, the more one satisfies the urge, the more the it keeps on returning.Many cases, such as a dependence on drugs , alcohol, or other substances, a person will have made at several but unsuccessful attempt to give up. This might also be physiological, as some substances, such as heroin, are chemically induced.


The drug user needs an increased dose to reach effects of similar intensity as before.It happens when a person no longer responds to a drug in the way they did at first. So it takes a higher dose of the drug to achieve the same effect as when the person first used it. This is why people with substance use disorders use more and more of a drug to get the “high” they seek.World drug report 2019

Effect on the brain.

Drugs affect the brain in so many ways.The chemical compounds in Stimulants, Nicotine, Opioids, alcohol, and Sedatives reaches the brain and bloodstream upon use. Once a chemical enters the brain, several vital functions are altered and a person become unable to perform simple tasks.It can cause people to lose control of their impulses or crave a harmful substance.
When someone develops an addiction, the brain craves the reward of the substance. This is due to the intense stimulation of the brain’s reward system. In response, many users continue use of the substance; this can lead to a host of euphoric feelings and strange behavioral traits. Long-term addiction or prolonged use of drugs can have severe outcomes, such as brain damage, and can even result in death.Simple Mind Relaxation Techniques

Withdrawal symptoms.

This is a physiological response to the sudden quitting or slowing of use of a substance to which the body has grown dependent on. The various types of drug withdrawal syndromes may involve different combinations of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms—some of which can prove dangerous if left unmanaged. In addition it may involve extreme restlessness at one’s inability to obtain the drug or perform the conduct.

Parting Shot.

It is important to seek external professional help to avoid the dangerous side effects of addictions especially drugs.

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