Best Technical Courses To Pursue In Kenya



Best Technical Courses To Pursue In Kenya.

What do you believe as success in life?Most people in kenya are known to believe that going to prestigious universities across the country is the true definition of success.

Therefore when they fail to attain the university minimum entry grade of C+ they become doomed and loose focus not knowing what they should do next. The ministry of education has always encouraged students to join TVET institutions to further their knowledge and carry out various courses that can give them employment.

Below are the best technical courses that are offered in kenyan polytechnics and technical institutions and are well paying.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

A certificate or a diploma in this field is very marketable. Certificate students can get a nice wiring contract on huge buildings where they can even make up to Ksh. 30,000 in a good month.Key Benefits Of Networking.

Welding and fabrication.

This is arguably one of the best technical course in kenya with few specialist that may land you a job after graduation. There has been a rise in the infrastructure department thus on can be employed by a company or become self employed. One can make a minimum of Ksh 30,000 a month.

On the other hand, diploma graduates can be employed to maintain, troubleshoot, or repair electrical systems in major companies like KPLC, KENGEN and the rest. These companies pay their employees pretty well.

Computer Science.

The world is evolving to computer use. Institutions are diversifying their learning environment to computerization. There is also development of E-learning which needs computer experts. Even if you don’t get employed by a company one can start his or her own cyber and start earning.

TV and Film Production.

This is one of the enjoyable technical courses that are marketable in Kenya 2022 which you can pursue with as low as C plain.

We all love watching movies, series, and videos, so be sure that you will love it.

Building and Construction.

Urbanization in Kenya is growing day by day and so you can be sure you will never be jobless for more than a month if you do this course.

Also the increasing population is forcing millionaires to invest in real estates; this can earn you a long-term well-paying contract.

Agriculture-related courses.

Today, there are a few diploma/certificate agriculture graduates.Many people associate agriculture with poverty which is not true as many agricultural specialists in departments such as irrigation and extension services are well paid.

Again, it is not a must that you be employed on a farm when you pursue agricultural courses. You can get a good job from various NGOs like the UN, Red Cross and so on.

To enroll in any of these courses, you should be having at least C- in your KCSE

Be least assured that even if you fail to join universities, you still pursue other courses and get high pay.

Sales and Marketing.

Almost every company in the country needs a marketing and sales representative to help them create public awareness of their products. For this reason, if you have the right skills, you can never tarmac for more than a year.

Sales and Marketing experts earn up to Ksh. 100, 000 plus sales commissions.

List of TVET Colleges in Kenya 2022 Institutions

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