Do You Know Why Baba Ngina, Baba Otis and Baba Kemei will Never Face Each Other.


Do You Know Why Baba Ngina, Baba Otis and Baba Kemei will Never Face Each Other.

Baba Ngina, Baba Otis, and Baba Kemei are “brothers”.Baba Ngina is the local senior chief and a former village representative of the hillside region of the village. Baba Otis is the former local trouble maker and aspiring chief, contested for the sit of senior chief four times and lost, he is the village elder of the lake region, and baba Kemei the youngest of the brothers is the village land grabber and otero in chief, the wheeler-dealer in chief and a very good strategist, very ambitious of the three brothers and covets the senior chief’s position. He happens to be the village elder representative of the slopes of the village and the deputy Senior Chief. Baba Ngina and Baba Kemei had successfully ganged up against their oldest brother, Baba Otis in the last two elections. Baba Ngina promised, his youngest brother the throne, ( yangu kumi, yako kumi) but events leading to the next selection (pun intended) of the next senior chief by the wazee wa mtaa in the Barraza.

The Story In Actual Context.
Ruto Plays Into Uhuru’s Game Plan in the recent past, we have witnessed a barrage of exchanges between the President and his deputy. In the past week, Kenyans have been treated to some sort of a back n forth between the two, and this has been to most of us very entertaining. Earlier, last week the Deputy President had rubbished his boss and told him off in no uncertain terms that the people of Kenya will never accept “the nonsense of a project from anybody, be it deep state or statehouse”. This was seen by many as an act of insubordination to the President by his Deputy. But it did not end there, later that week the Deputy who seemed energized and emboldened by his newfound sense of freedom of speech called out his boss who earlier had termed him as an absentee Deputy who has been out campaigning for 2022 elections all the time. Ruto told the president that there is no way that he will exclude him from the successes of this administration because he sat and contributed to all the cabinet sittings .

Change of tact:
Ruto pleads with Uhuru Kenyatta to go easy on him.Recently, in several of his rallies, Deputy President William Ruto and his lieutenants have been urging the President “to stop hiding behind jamaa wa kitendawili’ and come out clear and join the campaign fray. The calls had grown so incessant that the President Of Kenya had to respond to them by telling them, ‘it’s not yet time for campaigns’, the president said, ‘and when that time comes I will surely roll back my sleeves and get into the field to campaign for Raila Odinga, and when that happens, I can assure you you won’t like it.’ The President had added. .

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