DP Ruto blasts President Uhuru.


DP Ruto blasts President Uhuru.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today woken up to a morning blast after his deputy William Ruto reveal what they did together. This follows a blast by the President   Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday  affirming that his deputy did nothing in jubilee government as he concentrated in politics.
Uhuru said while they were working for Kenyans, his deputy William Ruto was concentrating in politics. Reacting to him by exposing details, DP William Ruto has leaked what he did with president Uhuru Kenyatta. The move has left President Uhuru with a shocker as he claimed that DP Ruto did nothing in jubilee government.
According to DP William Ruto, they did so many things with president Uhuru Kenyatta towards the development of the country. Ruto said, he was present when they planned for this country where by they sat on one table planning for diverse development.

You are telling me that all of us, eight million, have formed the government twice, that there is not even one amongst us who can lead us?”

“Really? No. No. Isn’t that a big insult? That amongst all of us, eight million people, we can’t get a person who can lead and that they have to hire another person?” the DP posed.

According to Ruto, it is the ODM leader who is behind the woes that rocked the Jubilee party. He said that it is Raila’s handshake with the president that has derailed Jubilee’s Big Four Agenda.

Ruto asked Meru residents to elect him as the country’s president come 2022 so that he can continue President Uhuru’s legacy and revive the Big Four Agenda.

William Ruto substantiated that they sat with president Uhuru Kenyatta planning for electricity and even planning for technical training college and general education. DP Ruto has blasts Uhuru Kenyatta over the claim that he did nothing in Uhuru’s government. DP Ruto has exposed details on what they did with president Uhuru Kenyatta.

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