Enhancing Your Child’s Identity.


Enhancing Your Child’s Identity.

It’s the role of a parent to influence an adolescent’s  life positively or negatively.Positive influence will lead to a healthy or stable identity.

Things you can do as a parent.

Accept them unconditionally.

Most times identity problems come as a result of adult rejection. This happens frequently to disobedient or lonely youth. Try by all means to separate the person from the action. Always demonstrate affection and acceptance towards the young person, even if their behaviour seems unbecoming.

Help them compensate for their shortcomings.

We are all aware that there is no perfect imperfect human being. Adolescents have their strength and their weakness. Therefore you should openly recognise their accomplishment to nourish their self-image while giving them a hand in their school tasks and duties.

Avoid over protection.

Many counsellors have confirmed that people with identity problems come from families where they have been overprotected. within the confines of safety, you should allow youths to experience the consequences of their actions as they acquired greater autonomy every day.

Assign responsibilities.

Some parents do not do this because they want to remove stress from their children’s life or simply wish not to bother them. However, all children’s and youth can take up some responsibilities. By asking them to do house chores you enhance their self-discipline and improve their self-concept. You will as well make them responsible.

Avoid being authoritarian or indifferent.

These can pose dangerous extremes with adolescents instead try to invest time giving them opportunities for dialogue. Showing interest in their problems knowing that they are often unwilling to talk but being aware that at other times they are. Maintain links with them, otherwise, I’ll end up believing that they are not of any value.

Level Up your Child’s Interests

I always try to find exactly what makes my children thump. Understanding the toys, games and even visual stimuli that capture my children’s attention, makes me feel more connected to them.

Perhaps your child loves to travel or sing and dance along to her favourite tunes. No matter what her interests may be, there is no better time than the present to level up her painting, singing, or dancing.

You can also do this when it comes to their academic interests. Do you know what they are good at? Are they good at math? Do they enjoy learning about history? Do they always have their nose in a book?

Enrolling your children in an after-school activity is a great way to further their academic interests. Being aware of what your children enjoy and how they like to spend their time is a fantastic way to help support them and develop their love for those skills. Nourishing Emotional Intelligence.


Try to set positive relationships and successful engagement in daily responsibilities with the youth. That way, you will build their self-image and avoid an identity crisis.Fostering a Positive Self-Image

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