7 Features You May Not Be Aware Of In Your Smartphone


Did you know about these features in your smart phone?

Using your phone as a scale.

Did you know that your phone can weigh small items? This make use of particular software that can be downloaded by any Android or iPhone user. All you have to do is download the app and make sure the weight of what you want to weigh isn’t too much for the phone to handle.

Using Split Screen for Multi-tasking.

The most important highlight in Android is having the ability to have two applications running on the screen simultaneously. This can enable you attend a meeting on google classroom as well as checking emails, or when you are looking into a spreadsheet and sending the corresponding data in Messages or face calling a friend and scrolling the social media by the side. You can download the app and use it.

Guest Mode.How To Prevent Someone From Adding You To A WhatsApp Group.

This will prove to be handy if you are a person who shares your phone regularly with other people or even teens in your house. Guest mode enables you to protect your privacy by concealing personal items like photos and texts.

To enable the feature, Scroll down your notification bar, tap the user icon, then tap guest, your phone will now switch to guest mode. You can learn in some tutorials on YouTube on how to install and enable it.

Developer Options.

We have talked about developer options on this platform in detail. To learn how to enable this feature, you can read here.

In summary, these are advanced system settings mainly used by developers for debugging in the development of Android apps.One of the tens of features under this hidden menu is changing your device’s animation speed. Reducing the transition animation scale to .5x will give your phone a snappier faster feel. You might want to enable some of these options and dig in.

Lockscreen message smartphone feature.

At times you can misplace or lose your phone but luckily it gets to a “good samaritan” who may be willing to return it to you but may have not known what to do. This feature will help him because It uses an alternative phone number in the message like “return to 07xx xxx xxx”.The presence of this will guide him know how to get it back to you.

Affordable and Portable scanner.

I don’t know whether you are aware of this? you may have even utilized it with or without your knowledge. It scans a document and transmit it directly to the receiver using the camera on your phone.Inorder to accomplish this,it may be necessary to download a specific app on your phone.

Screen Pinning.

This is a feature that was introduced with Android 5.0 Lillipop. It basically pins a single app to the device’s screen and disables the home and recent apps buttons restricting one to only the pinned app. This appears to be quite useful in a case where you have a toddler playing a game and you don’t want them to accidentally call your boss at night or workmates.What Makes A Good Smartphone.

Parting Shot.

It is obvious that we all have to embrace technology because in one way or another it has made our life comfortable. The only thing we need to do is to be mindful of how we use it.


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