Foods that Maintain Good Cholesterol Levels.


Foods that Maintain Good Cholesterol Levels.

Just what do you understand by the term cholesterol? Cholesterol is a wax-like substance produced in the liver, it helps to keep the walls of cells flexible and it’s important in the creation of hormones. However, an adequate amount is required since when its level goes high it can lead to heart diseases increasing the risk of strokes.
The following ingredients can help maintain good levels of cholesterol.


Turmeric has numerous health benefits which include it’s the ability to cut down the cholesterol deposits along the walls of arteries which can block them hence helping to clear bad cholesterol.


Garlic contains a high concentration of allicin sulfur. Of what importance is an ally in sulfur? It contains a compound that is known for reducing the amount and LDL cholesterol significantly. In addition, it reduces cholesterol, triglyceride, MDA, systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Coriander seeds.

Also known as dhaniya is packed with high levels of antioxidants that help bring down cholesterol levels. They have various key vitamins like folic acid, vitamin c, vitamin A and beta-carotene.
To prepare it, you need to boil one teaspoon of coriander seeds in water for about two minutes, and then strain and drink it. This remedy helps in keeping cholesterol in check.


This is an easy important step to lowering your cholesterol. If you can have a bowl of oatmeal or cold oat-based cereal like Cheerios for breakfast. Then this will give you 1 to 2 grams of soluble fibre. To improve its taste you can add a banana or some strawberries for another half-gram. Recent nutrition guidelines recommend getting 20 to 35 grams of fibre a day, with at least 5 to 10 grams coming from soluble fibre.


They are extremely rich in soluble fibre. For the fact that it takes a while for the body to digest, meaning you feel full for longer after a meal, they can help in controlling overeating. That’s one reason beans are a useful food for people struggling to lose weight. They are of many types — from navy and kidney beans to lentils, black-eyed peas, garbanzos, and beyond — and so many ways to prepare them, beans are a very versatile food.Top 5 lifestyle changes to improve your cholesterol


A lot of studies shows that eating almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and other nuts are good for the heart. Eating 2 ounces of nuts a day can slightly lower LDL, on the order of 5%. Nuts have additional nutrients that protect the heart in other ways.Home Made Skin Cure Remedies.


Eating soybeans and foods made from them, like tofu and soy milk, is thought to be a powerful way to lower cholesterol. Studies have shown that the effect is more modest as consuming 25 grams of soy protein a day can lower LDL by 5% to 6%.

Fatty fish. 

Eating fish two or three times a week can lower LDL in two ways:

i)By replacing meat, which has LDL-boosting saturated fats and by delivering LDL-lowering omega-3 fats. Omega-3s reduce triglycerides in the bloodstream
ii)By protecting the heart by assisting curb the onset of abnormal heart rhythms.


Generally, the best way to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle is to focus on changes that include practising healthy living in our daily lives. Other than diet, the following recommendations can also help, they include regular physical activity, avoiding alcohol, and not smoking.

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