KCSE Candidates Doing The Following Subjects Are Expected Home Today.


 KCSE Candidates Doing The Following Subjects Are Expected Home Today.

Today the first group of KCSE students will go home after finishing their exams.Well 831,015 Form Four students started Kenya certificate of secondary education from second march. The first subjects were optional and included: French, music, computer, home science amongst others. The rest of the candidates joined them on Monday 14th March and started off with English paper one followed by Chemistry paper one.Second week exam ended with Chemistry paper 233/3 a paper done by quite a big number of students across the country.

The KCSE examination are being administered in 10, 413 examination centres and the papers are being disseminated from 483 distribution centres nationwide.KCSE Cheating Cartels Exposed By DCI.

Coming to the end of three weeks of exams, it is good news to some parents because they will be receiving their kids back at home today on Friday . This will be after the biology practical.However, it is not a surprise to notice that there are some parents who are not aware of this.

Nonetheless, not all students will leave to their respective homes since the others still have exams up-to Friday 1st of April. All students will leave to their homes except for those taking agriculture, business, geography and physics.Which are scheduled for next week.By end of next week all the candidates shall have concluded their Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Education.This will happen after sitting for physics practical paper 3.

Check This:

KCSE 2021 End Day.
KCSE 2021 exams will run for a period of 33 days and end on Wednesday 1st April 2022 with Physics practicals. Students will be at liberty to leave the institution after completing their exams.
NOTE: 33 days includes 8 days of the weekends. However, there are no exams that will be done on a weekend. Therefore, real exam days will be 25.

Kindly share this information widely as it will help parents or guardians organise for their children safe travel home.This is important because our children need to get back home safe and sound.

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