Nourishing Emotional Intelligence.


Nourishing Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is susceptible to great changes and improvements, unlike conventional intelligence which possesses a strong innate component. The following tips cover areas of development of different areas of emotional intelligence. Try them they can cause changes in your life.10 Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence1. Utilize an assertive style of communicating.2.

Know your emotions.

Take time to observe your emotions and understand them by asking yourself questions like:How do I feel? What type of thoughts goes through my mind? Note down on a paper what emotions you experience, noting the duration and the internal and external duration.

Learn to control your emotions.

Deciding to improve your mood is an important step since it will help you free from sorrow and bitterness. If you are the kind of person who loose temper easily practise speaking softly and calmly, take a deep breath and think of something funny and interesting.The art of simple living
In case you feel inferior, think of your achievements and strengths. Whenever you feel tensed remind yourself of the simple mind relaxation techniques.

Nourish Your Relationships.

Learn to live in harmony and peace with other people. Assist them in their projects and rejoice when you succeed together.
Be kind, nice and use words of approval to motivate others and make them happy. Practice courtesy and be willing to help others.

Identify Other People’s Emotions.

This is a very important skill whose origin is empathy. It entails:observing non-verbal messages which include; their time, facial gestures and appearance. Make every effort to feel like the other person. This is not only important in attaining compassion and understanding, but also to reach appropriate agreements, diplomacy and above all successful meditations.

Practice Self Motivation.

Did you know that lack of motivation freezes situations and lack of an attractive aim disorients achievement? Say no to depressive and discouraging thoughts while replacing them with self-confidence and perseverance. Cultivate the delight for simple and ordinary things. Learn to enjoy that which may not be attractive in the beginning, especially if it is something you must go through. Set goals that are realistic, rejoice after every small achievement because it is not easy.

“Emotional intelligence enables us to manage our internal resources so we can deal with the increased complexity and heightened emotion the crisis has caused,” says Jill Pennington.

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