Online writing and editing job has become so popular these days. This is because the modern world is changing to a text, however, it is not easy to produce quality texts that reach the audience and grasp it. Whenever you search for anything on the Web, you get the post on the same. Whether you choose to stay or close that page at once depends on the content. That’s why most companies are always looking for talented writers and offer decent compensation for their skills.
Below are the best writing and editing gigs for online job seekers:50 Online Jobs That Pay Weekly And Daily – Legit & Researched


This is a better choice for people who have great grammar skills but would prefer not to write content from scratch. It’s equally an easy remote job you can go up to – since you can spend your time getting clients and experience, then you can also be a boss by hiring other proofreaders to do the work for you.

The experience can enable you to offer your services on freelancer websites, you could check job boards such as JournalismJobs and MediaBistro.

To gain skills for the same I recommend you to visit Proofread Anywhere – The #1 Proofreading Course

The Proofread Anywhere course has helped tens of thousands of students successfully launch a proofreading business and start making thousands of dollars a month.
The Average Salary for proofreaders ranges from $17 – $20 per hour

Become a Blogger

What is blogging and what does it entail?
Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that’s self-published online. It started as an opportunity for individuals to write diary-style entries, but since then it has been incorporated into websites for many businesses. It is characterized by frequent updates, informal language, and opportunities for readers to engage and start a conversation.
Becoming a blogger can be a lot more lucrative than most people realize. Advertising is not everything in blogging. You can as well make money through affiliate marketing and by selling digital products (such as online courses) or services (such as online coaching).

In case you are lucky to start a blog that gains traction and popularity, the earning potential is virtually limitless. It’s possible to earn a six-figure salary from your blog, even if you stop adding new posts.

Nevertheless, you can’t expect to make this much money when you start. You’d need to be patient till at least six months of writing regularly (at least two posts a week and preferably more).
If you love your topic and can create a profitable niche, — as long as you are not desperate to start making money immediately — it could be a great option.
Earning Potential for bloggers: $500 – $5,000+ per month5Online Business You Can Start With No Money.

Become A Medium Writer.

This is an online publishing platform where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic. This can be an option to starting your blog, it is already an established blog platform with regular readers.

Here you can start earning money straight away. Medium writing is an attractive option if you can’t afford to spend months or years writing on a blog without making a profit. Best Legit Online Jobs That Quickly Make Money Online.

Anyone can write a story on Medium, and writers get paid according to the number of reads and interactions their stories get.

The top writers on the platform make $10,000 or more a month, but the majority make less than $100. If you want to be a top earner, post one or more articles every day over a long period. The more articles you write and the more popular they are, the more money you’ll make.
An advantage of Medium: It gives you a chance to develop your voice over time instead of choosing a niche straightaway.

If you find it hard or expensive to start your blog then you can start by posting on medium.
The Average Earnings of a medium writer is: $100 per month

Freelance Writing.

Here You could pursue content writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, or technical writing jobs as these are the skills you need.
Freelancers can work from home or anywhere else.
For best results, you’ll need a niche as this will make you more aware of your subject and able to compose a more convincing pitch.

What does content writing involve?it involves writing blog posts and web content for companies or websites. There is lots of freelance writer work available as it’s a highly sort after the domain. This is most sorted since most companies want to implement a content marketing strategy or rank their site higher on Google.

It happens to be an excellent side hustle for anyone who has a blog or is an established content creator. You can use your blog posts as samples to show prospective clients your previous writing jobs when bidding for a job.

Ghostwriting involves writing for somebody else, who publishes the content in their name. A lot of books have ghostwriters but bloggers, politicians, and students also need writing help. You can earn a lot of ghostwriting, especially if you add measurable value to the client.

Copywriting has big earning potential too. When you’re writing copy, you’re helping a company sell its products, whether through a sales email, a product description, an advertisement, or some other method. It helps to have some design experience as a content creator, as visually appealing copywriting is highly sort after.

One of the most profitable niches is technical writing, which involves writing owner’s manuals, user guides, and other documentation. Not many people have both the technical knowledge and the writing experience necessary to do this successfully, so if you’re a good fit, then you have a great way to make money.

The following are sites you can get freelance jobs; Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, or Freelancer. However, you are required to complete a profile update on such sites to be able to work with them. You could also search for postings on job boards such as FlexJobs, BloggingPro, and ProBlogger.Sign up with such sites.
Average Earnings: $.20 – $1 per word or$5-$10 per hour.

Ebook Publisher.

Are you confident about your writing skills and ability to market yourself? Then this is a place for you, you might want to consider cutting out the middleman and becoming an Ebook publisher.

Some established writers are coming around to eBook publishing because selling a book directly to readers on Amazon means writers keep a lot more of the profit.
It’s a good idea to learn how to use the software required to get your book into the proper form for Kindle. Kindlepreneur is an excellent resource if you’re interested in learning more.

You also need an attractive cover, even in eBook form. If you have graphic design skills yourself you can design it with canvas, Otherwise, you may need to hire a freelancer to design your cover which will add some cost.

Ebook writing isn’t a good option for anybody who needs to make money right away; it takes time to write a book, and unless you have a large following, it’s unlikely you’ll sell hundreds of copies overnight. However, eBook publishing can be a great passive income source. Who does not make an extra coin in this hard life of struggles? Think not you and I.


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