Staff Meetings Conducted Based On Social Classes.


School are socialised into classes.

As schools open it is always expected that schools start with a meeting. Of course a most all schools will have similar Agendas which include; discipline, form 4 improvement strategies, professional documents, TPAD — it’s how and where these meetings will be held that separate donkeys from horses.

High Class Schools.

These are schools that have already arranged where their meetings will be held, with clear agenda.

Such schools do these meetings in some posh hotels, 40 miles from the school. Teachers are picked from a certain point, then dropped at the meeting using the school vans. In such schools, words are few, drinks are more and food is most. Thereafter, each teacher walks home with heavy brown envelopes.

Middle Level Schools.

Some of these schools will have theirs at a nearby market centre, in some middle level hotel. Everything in this meeting is middle level — talks, food, drinks and some little brown envelope. In most cases, there are day mixed schools with 4 streams per class.

Low Class.Effective School Staff Meeting.

Then there is this group that will held its meeting in the school, mostly in the school’s library/laboratory/staffroom.

In the meeting, the talks are plenty, with no clear agenda. Mostly it’s the principal who talk many, with the agenda supported by the deputy. A lot of emphasis is forced on things like lesson notes, schemes of work, records of work, TPAD and indiscipline. Threats are elephant, and motivation is ochung’lo.

How do teachers leave the meeting?Teachers leave with their mouth as they came with them. Apologies are given that the chicken which was supposed to be eaten had untied the rope and escaped into the thin air and there shall an arrangement to catch it in coming days.

Depending on the mood of the principal, who often believes that an adult should not drink soda due to health complications or healthy lifestyle, well in fact he fears spending, there could be some small bottle of sodas which have been counted exactly per head. There is no need to mention that the teachers will walk with their empty hands — no, they will carry back the pens and foolscap they came with to write the agenda(less) of the meeting.

Teachers should spend time with their students and not in meetings, therefore it is important to keep your meetings short and effective.Teaching Vacancies Under BOM Terms In Various Schools.
School staff meetings have the usual challenges of participants who are not (optimally) prepared, writing the minutes takes a lot of time and there is no good task follow-up. In addition, managing a school or faculty requires juggling meetings and tasks related to very different departments and projects.
Wish you well as you start the new term, safe travels and give your best.Don’t forget it is third term and we are ending the term with candidates sitting for their final exams.

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