“Stages Of Photosynthesis”


“Stages Of Photosynthesis”

 Understanding Photosynthesis.

This entails the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light energy into chemical energy. During photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is trapped and used to convert water, to hydrogen,oxygen gas and energy-rich organic molecule.

How do plants obtain nutrients?What is photosynthesis?

It is the process by which green plants manufacture their own complex food from simple substances. The simple substances include; water and carbon IV Oxide in presence of light. K.C.S.E Biology QUick Revision Essays

The mode of nutrition in plants is called autotrophism and this is seen amongst green plants.This process takes place in plants and in two stages.

Stages Of Photosynthesis.

Light Stage(Light Independent)

This process occurs at the granum of the chloroplast.It depends on the presence of light and involves the chlorophyll absorbing light energy which is used to break down water molecules to hydrogen atoms and oxygen gas. Energy is also produced in the process.What is photosynthesis?

The hydrogen produced is taken to be used in a dark reaction while gas oxygen is released to the atmosphere where some of it is used in respiration.

Dark Reaction(Light Independent)

This reaction occurs at the stroma of the chloroplast and does not depend on light. It involves the combination of carbon IV oxide with hydrogen to form simple carbohydrates and water. Enery is also produced in form of ATP. This process is called Carbon IV Oxide fixation.

Fate Of Products Of Dark Reaction Of Photosynthesis.

Some glucose are utilised directly by plant cells.Overview Of Photosynthesis.

Some glucose are converted to starch and stored in 🍀  plants.

Other products Formed In Dark   Reactions include;

Fatty acids

Amino acids

Questions To Except.

Define the term photosynthesis? (1Mk)

Name two stages of photosynthesis(2Mks)

Describe briefly the two stages of photosynthesis. (6Mks)

Draw a well-labelled diagram of a Chloroplast. (3Mks)


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