Starting Strong Law Of Success For Students And Teachers.


Starting Strong Law Of Success For Students And Teachers.

How you begin determines how you end.A good start makes a good ending. As we embark on the next academic calendar, the season offers an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings.

It is upon you to start this fresh academic year with a strong Mind-set, an open Heart-set, a vital Health-set and a devoted Soul-set. All 4 of these Interior Empires must be optimized for this to be the year you make history.The time may be short but achievement is determined by how you begin.

Define how success looks like for you in the year. Early and proper preparation will go a long way to ensuring that your current performance is improved with significant positivity.

The best way to make sure you don’t re-live the same year over and over is to do a formal review of the past year and create a plan of what to do throughout the next.
There is comfort in sticking to routines, but this quickly will lead you into a mediocre lifestyle. You’ll be going nowhere. I’ve seen people around me live the same year over and over, be it in work, relationships, or personal growth.
The reality is that in month of December, no matter what you do or don’t do, you will have results in your life. But let us be honest. It will not happen automatically. Yet, with focus, enthusiasm, dedication and determination you will make this year the greatest year of your life yet.
Ignite your students, staff and parents towards a journey of academic excellence. These are three key stakeholders that will have influence on the intended results. Because goal achievement is more reliant upon inclusion of the right team to work with. Quite necessary to actively engage, ignite and unleash purpose and passion on your teams if we want excellent results.

People automatically come together when they feel they have some bold mission to achieve. So give your team a clear mountaintop. Some bold goal that will not only evoke the best within them but one that will inspire them to roll up their sleeves and work together to realize the passionate and important objective.

Have you documented your goals for the year? If not, stop running up and down. Retreat and write down your goals in a specific and measure-able manner. Put a timeline for each goal.

If you are like me, you’d pen down a key milestone for every 90 days (quarter). Entertain dreams but write down goals. Writing goals clarifies thoughts and activates imagination. Writing goals keeps us focused, motivates action and gives us a basis for measuring results.

Then commit to your goals. Interested people do what is convenient, interest people work when they feel like. But on the contrary, committed people do what needs to be done to achieve their goals). They are inspired by results. They don’t blame circumstances or/and others. They give no stories and make no references of why they didn’t achieve their goals.

To achieve your goals, begin with the end in mind. No matter how far you’ve gone on the wrong road, turn around. You’ll never reach your destination by moving faster or strategizing in the wrong direction. Clarify your purpose. You will struggle swimming against your natural current. Life is an uphill assignment, why add friction?

Then break down your life purpose into annual goals. Break down your annual goals to four quarters of 90-days each.

We need to move from being goal-setters to goal-achievers. From hoping to being certain. How?

Win every day. Life is not divided into semesters, you’ve got to do it yourself. The SI unit of life is a day. Never, ever go to sleep till you win today. Till you accomplish what you had set to do today. If you don’t win every day, you’ll revise your goals downwards. You’ll lower your own bar. You’ll compromise your own standards.

Plan to win. Plan each week, the weekend before. Plan each day, the night before. Prepare for a new beginning every day. Morning will come anyway, it has no choice. Are you prepared for the morning?

Ask yourself, if I were to do only one thing today, which one is it? What would be most valuable of my time? Execute that goal to its logical conclusion. Monitor your progress HOURLY.

Failure is not an overnight event. It is failure not to make that phone call today. It is failure not to do that report today. It is failure not to do that staff meeting today. It is failure not to teach that lesson today. It is failure not to launch that revision program today. It is failure not to motivate that class today. It is failure not to pray today.

Identify daily triggers to your goals. Stick your day’s goals in a place you cannot avoid like on your cell phone, mirror, fringe etc. Carry ‘The Organizer’ wherever you go. It will remind you on winning today.

Repeat the success pattern each days. In so doing you’ll have developed your day prototype. A master piece that reflects how your ideal day looks like. This is the secret upon which all greatness was achieved.

And when you feel like stopping, please continue. When it seems like your ambitions won’t manifest, please persist. When walls show up go around or over them. Or even through them. Because authentic greatness is not meant to be an easy game. And it’s in facing the challenges that the wisdom of life places itself in our path.

Starting Strong program is a program that help the student more specifically the candidates set the right foundation even as they step into their last year in high school. We help them in coming up with their targets and goals and also develop the strategies on how to accomplish those targets.Top Benefits Of Education.

Looking forward for a chance to engage and guide your students.You can share your opinion and comment on this platform.

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