Teachers New Leave Allowance.


Teachers New Leave Allowance.

Annually the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) pays a leave allowance to all teachers in its payroll. This allowance is a yearly allowance paid together with the January Salary of the preceding year.This is given based on a teacher’s grade; with those in higher job grades earning more.Therefore teachers employed with Teachers Service Commission (TSC) are expected to have a fat payslip end of this month.Teaching Vacancies Under Bom terms

Teachers at Grade B5 (T- Scale 5); Primary Teacher II, Grade C1 (T- Scale For Secondary Teacher III, Lecturer III and Primary Teacher I) all receive a yearly annual leave allowance of Sh4,000.
All teachers in Grade C2 (T- Scale 7; Secondary Teacher II, SNE Teacher II (Primary Schools), Lecturer II and Senior Teacher II), and Grade C3 {T- Scale 8; Secondary Teacher I, Lecturer I, SNE Teacher I (Primary Schools), SNE Teacher II (Secondary Schools) and Senior Teacher I}receive an annual leave allowance of Shs.6000.

In addition, teachers in Grade C4 [T- Scale 9; Senior Master IV, Senior Lecturer IV, SNE Senior Teacher (Primary Schools), SNE Teacher I (Secondary Schools) and Deputy Head Teacher II] and those in Grade C5 [T- Scale 10; Deputy Principal IV, Senior Master III, Senior Lecturer III, Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and Curriculum Support Officer II] also receive Sh6,000 as annual leave allowance.

Finally y all teachers in Grade D1 (T- Scale 11) to Grade D5 (T- Scale 15) receive a yearly leave of Sh10,000.

TSC Annual Leave Allowances For Teachers
S/NO Grade Leave Allowance in summary.
1 B5 4,000
2 C1 4,000
3 C2 6,000
4 C3 6,000
5 C4 6,000
6 C5 6,000
7 D1 10,000
8 D2 10,000
9 D3 10,000
10 D4 10,000
11 D5 10,000

List of all allowances paid to TSC teachers per job group: Latest TSC News

It is important to note that teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, receive different types of allowances. These allowances are paid to teachers alongside their monthly salaries.There are quite a number of factors that determines the amount of allowance paid to teachers.These are:a teachers work station, job grade of individual teachers, responsibilities and others like type of learners one handles.


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