9 Things You Need Not To Apologize For As A Woman.



9 Things You Need Not To Apologize For As A Woman.

So why do women tend to feel like they need to say sorry all the time?  Women have the tendency to apologize—for everything.Probably this is because the society guilts women into living within certain limits, robbing them of the freedom to live within their own glory.
However, each woman has the right to govern her life without fear of judgment or isolation
Women have been known to the apologize endlessly for incidents that do not need explanations and there is nothing wrong with all of these things, and there are no reasons for excusing or feeling guilty of any sort.

Saying No.

Why do you harbour guilt feelings when you say no?You should never think that saying yes to convenience others is just another way of saying no to yourself,that you will be lying to yourself. Otherwise it is a way to nullify your own needs and desires. Saying no with your best interests in mind is one of the most empowering acts of self-love.Everyone need to exercise self love as it healthy.

Uniquely Managing A Household.

Everyone of us has been bestowed with unique abilities that enable us do things differently.Even if you manage your home to your best someone else will see it differently.They will always think that they would have done it better or otherwise.Therefore you should no that no one else has precedence over your home affairs besides you and possibly the other people you stay with.

It is your home, and after all your standards should apply.Never apologise because your house is all messed or you spend all your savings to treat your family!Anyone who disagrees can be taken off of the guest list.

Speaking Up For Oneself.

Yes Women who speak up for themselves are often seen to be combative and irrational; however, this should never prevent you from speaking in favor of your best interests.Standing up for yourself may make you loose friends and even push
others away, it is definitely for the best .
Everyone has a right to hold opinions, even if they go against what everyone else believes to be true.If you think your opinions are right stand up to defend them with no fear and apology.

Being Too Busy.

As adults, we all have priorities and obligations to meet, as well as timelines for doing some things,so feeling bad for putting things off is just another way of tormenting yourself.Ladies, do yourself a favor and stop apologizing for being busy

Realise that you just don’t have the extra time to spare to take on additional duties or hangouts. Set your priorities and follow them to the latter.It is does not mean you care for your loved ones any less than you should nor is it a sign that you are in over your head unless you declare it so.

You are just busy creating a better life for yourself and your family, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Wanting To Spend Time Alone.

It is healthy to spend time alone as this gives a chance for self reflection and realisation. It is inorder to decline offers to hang out or do favors for others and have time for yourself. In this day in age, everyone feels entitled to other people’s time.
Stretching yourself thin to make every one comfortable, and everything in between, will eventually make you burnout.
Just get to know that, solitude is good for the soul, and you deserve some alone time to recharge, even if you just need a couple of hours to stare at the ceiling or to binge-watch your favorite sitcom.

Unintentionally Offending Others.

As human you cannot lead a pure life and not even offend others. Mistakes happen, and people should be more understanding.
If you step on someone’s toes unintentionally, your first instinct may be to gravel at their feet, hoping for forgiveness. Yet, this is one of the worst things that you can do for your own bottom line.

Acknowledging that you may have spoken out of turn is one thing, but stop harping over your mistake. Instead, reassure the other party that your intentions were pure, and ask that they pardon the incident. Even if it doesn’t end well, never resort to begging.

Not Devoting All Of Your Time To Your Children.

Children have their own life to lead being in their space all the time may hinder their growth.Never apologise for not spending time with your children.Afterall you are a mother, but you also hold v arious other important titles. You may be a teacher, an entreprenAfter employee, a friend, a wife, but above all else, you are a person.All these fields require you and you cannot satisfy every individual and you are one.
Just, like everyone else, you deserve the freedom to go places and do things without your little ones. Doing so makes you no less than an amazing mom who preserves her energy for when you need it best.

Having Emotions.

Stop saying sorry for being in touch with your feelings. Shaming women for having emotions is pure abuse. Getting your feelings hurt or being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it takes a lot of strength to admit to being hurt, sad, upset, stressed, or even depressed.

Vocalizing these feelings doesn’t make you a complainer or someone that can’t handle their own weight. Bad days and unideal circumstances are inevitable, and it is your right to react to them the way in which you see fit.

“Sucking it up” or hiding your emotions won’t do any good in terms of making peace with them. Grant yourself permission to feel without regard to the opinions of others.

Your Appearance.

Body shaming is disgusting, and telling a woman what she should look like is CrossFit. Whether you prefer going out bare-faced or are curvy or thin, your appearance is your own, and there is no need to feel ashamed about it.

Fully embracing your appearance is one of clearest the signs of self-love and self-appreciation.

So, wear that stylish new tank top that yhangoverver, or throw on a pair of comfy pajama pants. Ignore the haunting critics of society, and be unapologetic,Permit yourself your freedom.

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